The Real Unemployment Numbers Vs the Official

According to the American mainstream media, President Joe Biden is doing fantastic at creating jobs. They boastfully and blissfully announce on nearly a nightly basis that America's unemployment rate is only 4.2% of the working population, and also that there are only 1.7 million jobless claims.

What does this mean? Well, by balancing those numbers together, the Biden administration and the mass media have concocted this number of only around 6 million. That's how many people they claim are unemployed in America.

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The real issue with that number, however, is that there are more vacant jobs in the country than that.

In fact, about half of that number has walked out and quit their jobs in the past two months due to low wages and issues over vaccine mandates.

So what's happening in America is that there are two different sets of numbers: The administration's adjusted numbers, and the real numbers.

This is nothing new. Right or left, Republican or Democrat, every single party in power constantly finds ways to cook the books, so to speak, so that their jobs numbers look a lot better than the numbers of their political opponents.

This is nothing new, but the real issue is the fact that the mainstream media in America takes it upon itself to choose sides, and the side they choose always seems to be the side of the Democratic politicians, whose campaigns are funded almost entirely by huge corporations that just also happen to own the media networks.

So, what is the real number of unemployed Americans in the country? That's a much tougher number to figure out precisely.

Too Many to Count

The self-proclaimed economic experts don't really know how to calculate the precise number of people who are without a job in America today. Although many of them love to throw numbers out there, so that it seems as if they know what's happening, the fact is that few know what's happening. If the only people counted as unemployed are the people who are still eligible for jobless benefit claims, and those who have just recently lost them, then what happens to the long-term unemployed? What about those people who lost their jobs as soon as the government shut down their nonessential businesses due to COVID?

The sad fact of the matter is that those people are not counted by government or by any sort of economist so that those numbers are displayed as part of the number of unemployed people. They basically cease to exist, which is more than a little sad. There could be in excess of 20 million people like this, who don't have jobs and who can't file claims anymore. Realistically, that number is likely only to be half of that, as many of them have moved on to get other jobs by now. But what's sad is that they fall through the cracks and no one really knows their fate.

It Flip-Flops Depending on Party Power

The party in power typically has their own way to game the numbers. George Bush famously had the Department of Labor stop counting people who were considered to be no longer in the market for jobs. This means unemployed people who would not or could not file claims. Basically, the line was that if people did not want to work, then they couldn't be counted as unemployed. Obama, following Bush, just doubled down on that in order to make it seem as if America was experiencing an economic recovery that it wasn't. Trump rolled that back some yet still kept it in place, and whatever Biden is doing now remains to be seen. All anyone really knows is that the numbers are entirely false.

The More You Know

When the average person does realize what's going on with America's unemployment situation, its job shortage, and the massive inflation rates, they get scared and stop spending money on things they don't need. This does hurt the economy a lot. Many businesses fail when the average American consumer starts to stress over spending money and instead saves it. While it's far better for the individual, it's far worse for the economy. The American government effectively works as a corporation, and a corporation wants you to buy products. This is why some speculate that the government lies about its unemployment numbers in order to keep consumer confidence high.

Whatever is happening, the fact is that nobody is telling the truth about the number of unemployed people in America.

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