Do I Qualify For Unemployment?

The national unemployment rate is 3.8%, or about 6.4 million people.

If you become unemployed, the bills still need to be paid. However, with no income, savings deplete quickly until you can't afford your monthly living expenses. When this happens, you may qualify for unemployment insurance.

You don't want to file an unemployment claim if it won't go through, so you're probably wondering if you even qualify. Learn more about whether you qualify for unemployment insurance.

What Is Unemployment Insurance?

Unemployment insurance gives you a portion of your pay after you get fired or let go. While typically less than your entire paycheck, it's enough to support you until you find a new job.

Unemployment insurance is managed by the state, but the employer ultimately covers the expenses.

Do I Qualify For Unemployment Insurance?

Most able-bodied applicants who were let go from their jobs due to no fault of their own and don't receive substantial income from any other sources qualify for unemployment insurance.

In most cases, if you parted ways with your employer of your own volition or due to poor performance, your claim may not get approved.

Since each state creates unemployment insurance laws, the specific qualifications will vary from state to state. Therefore, you should read over the unemployment benefits requirements in your state in detail before proceeding with your application.

How Do I File an Unemployment Claim?

Most states offer multiple ways to file an unemployment claim, such as online, over the phone, and in person. Most users find that filing online is the easiest option.

Before you file your claim, you should gather the information you'll need to verify your identity as well as your income. Most states require an ID as well as a recent paystub or two. Be sure that all documentation is clear enough to read, otherwise, it may get rejected.

You will also need to explain the reason for your termination. There are three main reasons why you may have ended your employment: let go due to lack of work/budgetary concerns, fired for subpar performance, or quit.

Once you file your claim, you'll have to wait for a response. In order to make a determination, the unemployment staff will go over the information in your claim and reach out to your employer. You will have a higher likelihood of getting your claim approved if your old employer confirms the information in your application.


What Happens If My Employer Contests My Unemployment Claim?

If your former employer contradicts your claim, your claim may be denied. Don't worry, though. You still have the chance to appeal the decision. If you appeal the decision, you'll set up a meeting with the unemployment agency. During the meeting, the employee will go over the discrepancy in your claim and give you a chance to explain your side. The employee will compare your report with your former employer. If your appeal is denied, you'll have one more chance to enter a formal explanation of your case in writing for one last look. if your case gets denied at this point, you may have run out of additional options, so take your appeal seriously.

I Got Approved! Now What?

When your unemployment claim gets approved, you will receive a statement in the mail indicating the approved amount you will receive each week. Your first payment may take 3 weeks after you get approved, so be mindful of that when planning your budget.

You will need to certify each week in order to receive your payment. Your approval letter will tell you when you will be eligible to certify. When you certify, you will answer questions about your current employment status and the status of your job hunt. You may need to prove your attempts to find a new job when you certify.

How Much Will I Get From Unemployment?

There are a number of factors that go into determining unemployment payment amounts, such as length of time with the employer and income earned over a specific period of time. If you have additional forms of income, that could factor into the decision, too. It will not be your full pay.

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