Labor Market Recovery Suspiciously Gaining Steam Amid War

For the everyday American paying attention to what's happening in the nation, the subject of unemployment is not mysterious to them in any way.

Things are bad out there. Every single location you stop in at to patronize is dealing with a labor shortage.

More panhandlers are in the street than at any time in history.

Businesses are paying far more than ever before to hire. Yet, despite openings and higher pay, people are refusing to work. There is something happening that is keeping unemployment high.

However, to read Reuters tell it, the "US labor market recovery [is] gaining steam." They openly claim this, and they use very shady data to back it up. They use unemployment filings to suggest we're doing great.

So, according to Reuters, if American states are paying out less unemployment this month than last month, that means we're doing great.

The timing of this dishonest news seems very suspicious, as politicians are looking for a poll bump, as every single federal politician is salivating at the fact America might get into a literal war with Russia, in the defense of a regime that they keep calling a "democracy" but objectively is not.

All of that war stuff aside, the unemployment numbers in America are pretty bad. The fact that Reuters is now setting the stage for this false positive news is a bit worrying. If they can lie about this, what else would they lie about?

The Government Has Never Been Honest

The way unemployment numbers are calculated has never been honest. If you do not draw an unemployment check, you are not counted as unemployed.

If you have been unemployed so long that your unemployment checks expire, you are also not counted as unemployed.

Basically, you only exist to your government if you're being paid by your government not to work. A little worrying, to be sure, but this is the way it has worked for years, and it's a bipartisan scheme.

Because of how these numbers are calculated, President Biden is riding high on the economy as he preps for war.

There's Only One Moon

An anonymous user went viral on Twitter last month when they joined a Joe Biden thread about how he was bringing all the jobs back as President.

The user wrote, in the style of the Babylon Bee, "Biden Administration claims new moon appears in the sky at night, created by his policies."

The joke in that post was alluding to the fact that Joe Biden's presidential administration, and America's mainstream media, are claiming it's a victory that certain states have given people their old existing jobs back by reopening businesses.

"There's only one moon," the post claimed, and to suggest otherwise is the epitome of gaslighting.

The media and the administration going out of its way to make Americans believe that the moon they're seeing on Wednesday night is a different moon than they saw Tuesday night; it's the sort of thing that makes people question their sanity.

Joe Biden deserves credit for allowing states to open back up. This should not be up for debate. He could have been like Boris Johnson in the UK, or Justin Trudeau in Canada, and he could have put his foot down and decreed that no states were allowed to open back up.

So, that President Biden actually allowed states to govern themselves is credit that he is due. Giving him credit for people being re-hired to jobs they already had, and using that to claim that America is having an employment surge to defeat unemployment, is entirely dishonest and bordering on psychosis for people who actually believe and parrot these points.

The real unemployment numbers in America stand at about 50 million people. Whether they were fired, quit, or their businesses closed down, none of that should matter when looking at a base statistic. It's a flat number, and that number suggests more Americans are unemployed now than at any other point in the nation's history.

This isn't a time to be gaslighting people about reality as America is preparing for a potential war.

Actually being honest with the people for a change might just win politicians some much needed poll support.

However, honesty is something that doesn't seem to be in the nature of politics or media, regardless of which side they support.

As Americans struggle with unemployment, Reuters is telling you that everything is getting better. And since every other corporate outlet gets their news from Reuters, be ready to read all about how great your life is for the next two weeks.

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