Why A Coordinated Media Unemployment Blitz?

You might be a little fed up with news surrounding the topic of unemployment, and no one could blame you.

Every other day, there is a coordinated media blitz that puts out happy news about America's jobs market.

Despite the fact that America is still dealing with the largest employment shortage in the history of the nation, every single major outlet releases the same sort of article every few days: "Jobless claims at an all-time low! Unemployment is the lowest in decades!" and on and on they go.

They're basically all the same article with slightly reworded headlines. They all sing the praises of the Biden administration as some juggernaut of extreme economic prowess, the likes of which have never before been seen.

And this is despite the fact that America has lost more manufacturing jobs to outside countries in 16 months under Biden than in 12 years under Obama and Trump combined. Still, the news is all shiny and happy, like a kid found a new penny.

What is the reason for this weird media blitz that's been happening all year? There are two main schools of thought out there.

Critics Suggest a One-Party Corporate System

The first school of thought is that it's just uncontrollable political bias. Critics of the current administration, who are primarily right-wing, point out that there's a deep bias in mainstream journalism. "Of course the government will lie about what they're doing," said one very popular right-wing podcaster." It's the fact that the media covers the government that's concerning."

According to these critics, everything is political, and so admitting that the unemployment numbers are actually much higher would reflect poorly on Joe Biden.

The Truth May be More Obvious

If you ran the honest, clear statistics about unemployment, you would realize that you are being lied to every single day by a corporate media structure and a political apparatus that is supposed to represent your interests.

Six different corporations own every single mainstream media network in America, and there are only two gigantic social media sites whose shareholders are pretty much identical (Facebook, Twitter). So there isn't much variety in the media you can consume in the mainstream, and this is why you will get the same message time and again. Just one honest look into the way the unemployment numbers are calculated is proof positive that you're being lied to.

Adjusted for reality, and not this odd scheme of literally only counting jobless claims as unemployed people, the real number of unemployment Americans of working age is around 30 million.

That is a far cry different from the six million the government and the media claim. It's up to around 16%, when you factor in things like people whose benefit claims have expired, people who cannot file because they quit their jobs, and people who just stopped seeking employment altogether (in jail, for instance).

These people are never counted.

As mentioned previously, critics of the mass media structure and the Presidential administration swear that it's just good, old-fashioned political bias at work. However, the answer might be more obvious than that.

As already stated, the media is owned entirely by big corporations, and these corporations all either have products to sell you directly or they are major shareholders in companies that do sell products. What's better for their profits? (A) To flail and panic and give you the real numbers, and risk a potential scenario where you refuse to buy anything because you're saving your money during tough economic times? (B) Tell you that things are going absolutely great now, and that there's nothing to worry about, and that everyone is actually getting great jobs, in hopes that you go out and spend money with high consumer confidence?

This isn't rocket science here. These sorts of business tactics are taught to people in high school all across America. They're obvious and used a lot. It's just that many people do not hold such a cynical view of the mainstream media and politicians that they would gaslight Americans just for profits.

You are obviously free to think what you will here. Maybe you side with the critics and believe it's all politics. Maybe you believe that they're just lying to consumers in order to profit. Or maybe you believe something else entirely. As long as you realize that the statistics surrounding unemployed Americans are vastly different from what you're being told, then it doesn't really matter what the motives are. You just deserve to know teh truth.

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