How to Make the Best Out of an Unemployment Period


When you lose a job, it might take months to find another one. That is why some professionals spend more time unemployed, many of which go through emotional and financial stress. If you are going through unemployment and looking for a job, you can remain productive while waiting for the opportunity.

You don't have to sit in the house pitying and hate yourself for lack of a new opening. Instead, find ways to keep making the best of the unemployment period and remain positive. Here's how:

Create and Follow a Daily Schedule

While there is no problem with spending time relaxing during the unemployment period, you should spend most of it on productive activities. Spending time catching up on your favorite movie series may be tempting as you eat some popcorn. However, avoid spending too much time on such activities that will make you demotivated and prolong your unemployment duration.

The best thing would be to plan your week such that you have sufficient time to concentrate on job applications. Just like you committed eight hours each day to your previous job, set aside three to six hours daily for job searching. Schedule other daily activities and stick to the plan.

Consider Freelancing or Temporary Opportunities

If you don't want to have some gaps on your resume, consider freelancing or working on temporary projects. It can be an excellent way to earn income while unemployed and boost your self-esteem. The best temporary opportunities you should consider are those that utilize your professional skills. You might get several options since hiring managers always look for employees to handle short-term assignments.

You can include the projects in your resume at the end of the temporary job. You can check several online platforms for freelancing jobs. The good thing about freelancing is that you will have a chance to choose the projects that excite you, have flexible working hours, and get the opportunity to create your brand. Freelancing will help you remain motivated to keep searching for a job.

Increase Your Skills

It is also a great idea to learn a new skill during unemployment. You can attend seminars, online classes, or a neighboring college to learn something new. If there is a skill you've always wanted to know, the unemployment period might be the best opportunity for that. You may learn coding, driving, speechwriting, SEO, or starting a business. The newly acquired skills might enable you to land your next job.


Volunteering experience plays a significant role in boosting one's resume. You can add all the voluntary services you provide on your resume to show your actions while unemployed. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to a worthy cause, make you busy, connect with others, and forget about unemployment. While volunteering, you might connect with professionals who will help you find your next job.

Engage in Physical Activities

Since you cannot spend the entire unemployment phase applying for jobs and going for interviews, consider spending some time exercising. Spare some time daily for jogging, walking, weighting lifts, swimming, or other physical activity. Exercising will improve your energy levels and boost your spirit.

Keep Yourself Informed

Consider creating a list of your favorite organizations and follow the hot topics to discover new opportunities. When you apply for any job, the hiring manager will want to know the hands-on knowledge you gained during unemployment. Understanding the current affairs will enable the hiring personnel to see you as the right job candidate with sharp skills.

Stay Connected

The unemployment period can be challenging if your social circle is your previous workmates. You might feel lonely during unemployment and wonder what to do for social connections. Spare some time and spend it with loved ones having dinner, watching movies, interacting, or engaging in any other activity you love.

It would also be great to remain socially connected with your professional network since the people can help you find your next job. Connect through social media platforms and attend networking events to connect with people you know and meet new professionals for possible job connections.

While unemployment can be a challenging situation, you should spend it taking stock of your achievements and re-assessing where you spend your money and time. It can also be the best time to concentrate on what matters to you. The above are some things you can do during unemployment to remain focused on looking for the next job and ensure your esteem remains intact. You will spend time doing something you love, getting an income, staying fit, and connecting with other professionals.

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