6 Practical Ways to Overcome Long-term Unemployment

In today's tough economy, more people face challenging times not just because of the high cost of living but also due to unemployment. Many have been unemployed for more than two months, worsening their situation. Approximately 40% of all unemployed workers have been on long-term unemployment. With the economy not getting any better, the number of individuals who have been jobless for months seems to become bigger by the day.

Finding a job becomes more challenging the longer you stay without one. However, it would be best if you didn't lose hope. If you have been jobless for an extended period, the following tips will help you go through the phase and get hired.

1. Understand How to Deal with the Bias

Most hiring managers bias against people that have stayed for long periods without employment. The best way to handle such a situation is to deal with it directly. If you get shortlisted for an interview, let the hiring manager know what you have been doing during unemployment. Explain to them the skills you have acquired when you have been jobless, and be flexible. Hiring personnel know that people have been facing unemployment problems for extended periods. They will understand if you are honest about the situation.

2. Acquire More Skills

When going through unemployment, it would help to get training in a new area. That is because you will gain new skills and confidence that will enable you to become more marketable. Before choosing a new skill:
• Visit job boards and websites to help you know the trends in available positions.
• Consider acquiring those skills if you find a profile or two that most organizations or government institutions always have open.
• Turn yourself into what the market needs and find the next job, and maybe never face the unemployment situation again.

3. Become a Volunteer

During the unemployment period, find a local charity where you can volunteer your services as you keep yourself busy before landing your next job. You might be surprised by getting a job opening from volunteering. While working at the charity, you might network with someone who knows a company that needs an employee with your qualifications. They can connect you, and there you find a job you so much needed.

4. Become Creative

Sell yourself like firms market their products and services correctly but in a way that fits your personality. For example, if you need a marketing job, you may send some flowers with a CD containing your portfolio to the hiring manager of the company you are considering. Also, communicate with people on your contact list.

During unemployment is a great time to contact all the people you know, such as friends, loved ones, former colleagues, and friends to your friends on social media. Let them know you are searching for a job. Maybe this is the time to meet the friends you haven't connected with in a while. You don't know what the connection may birth. Ensure that everyone you know finds out about your unemployment status and the kind of jobs you need. They might know of vacancies and share them with you to try your luck.

5. Network

While it may seem obvious, the worst thing you can do during unemployment is to stay home and isolate yourself from the outside world. Join online and physical support groups for people going through the same issues as you. Although you may not get a job connection immediately after you join the group, it will help to connect with others facing the same issues.

6. Consider Alternatives

Since you have stayed for an extended duration without getting the job you need, it might be the right time to consider other alternatives. If you come across part-time, temporary, or seasonal jobs, consider taking them. Working as a freelancer may also be a great idea as you acquire more experience while waiting for full-time employment.

Such changes can increase your expertise, esteem, and income. In addition, they can give you information to provide in the resume to increase your chances of getting another job. The jobs will also offer you a chance for growth as you network with more people in different fields.

It can be frustrating to stay unemployed, especially for an extended duration. If you have been jobless for a long time, the above tips will help you overcome the challenging period as you wait to get that life-changing opportunity.

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