Don't Let Unemployment Keep You Down; Read This, Take Control of Your Life

There are probably very few adults on the planet who have never experienced unemployment. It happens to most people at one time or another in their lives, but it isn't the end of the world. Knowing about the latest trends on unemployment, benefits and programs out there designed to lift you up will help you proceed with renewed confidence. Experts are sharing their knowledge, so kick back, and see what advice can work for you.


Numbers by the States

The latest statistics are out for May 2023, according to the US. Bureau of Labor. Unemployment rates were lower in 11 states and stable in 39 states.

Maybe you reside in one of the following states. For instance, Nebraska, New Hampshire and South Dakota had the lowest jobless rates in May at 1.9% each. On the other hand, the highest unemployment figures in May went to Nevada with a rate of 5.4%, California at 4.5% and Texas at 4.1%. The District of Columbia also reported an unemployment rate for May at 5.1%.

Weekly Benefits and Their Limits

Most states provide a 26-week maximum for receiving unemployment compensation, however, there are exceptions. If you are unemployed in Massachusetts or Montana, you can get up to 30 weeks of benefits and 28 weeks, respectively.

There are also states that provide workers with less than the 26-week maximum of compensation. For example, Arkansas, Iowa and Oklahoma all provide 16 weeks of regular benefits. The states of Michigan, Missouri and South Carolina all provide 20 weeks of benefits.

Florida, Kentucky and North Carolina are among the states paying the lowest unemployment benefits at up to 12 weeks. Be sure to check on your state about the benefits and their limits that would apply to you.

The Economic Toll of the Pandemic

COVID-19 took a massive chunk out of the United States economy and will reach $14 trillion by the end of 2023. Economists and public research policy experts say that the most significant revenue losses came from workplace absences. Not only that but sales were lost at retail shopping locations and air travel as well as public gatherings.

It's been tough on the U.S. workforce because the pandemic reduced the availability of workers by as much as 2.6 percent in 2022. This still affects the nation's landscape today and could last for years.

Protection From Scammers and Your benefits

When you're unemployed, you can feel vulnerable, and there are scammers out there waiting to take advantage. There are unscrupulous individuals who are happy to file for unemployment benefits by using other people's names and personal information. No one wants personal identity theft to happen to them. Protect yourself now, and visit the unemployment scams page here.

Always make sure that you are using the authentic website or phone number for your state's official unemployment benefits agency. Also, do not share your Social Security number, date of birth or bank number over the phone, etc.

The Hunt for a New Job Begins Now; Take Charge

It isn't easy for most folks in the workplace and for those seeking a new job. Wages since the pandemic have not matched the increase in prices. The price of food is also high and difficult to deal with. Many individuals want new jobs with better pay to tackle rising expenses, but where do you begin?

Job fairs are just one option to consider. You get to meet these recruiters face-to-face, and many employers hire right on the spot. There are also job sites online that are excellent for job hunting. The best one includes and also, for networking.

Job switching is also a trend among many workers. It pays to quit and jump to another place of employment. Those who leave their jobs behind for new jobs that pay more are gaining the advantage. Job switchers are finding that they can keep up with inflation better than those who remain at their job.

That Pink Slip Isn't Forever; Refresh and Recharge

So they gave you your walking papers, the pink slip, and you're jobless. You will survive. Take charge of your unemployment. Marketing pros recommend sticking to your normal work routine. Don't stay in your pajamas all day, and don't be bitter. Many opportunities await you. Follow the guidelines outlined above, and forge ahead! Always look for a healthy work balance.

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